June 2017:      Inception two-day meeting at ADRI                                                                      

QCPR and ADRI teams met in Shanghai to kick-start the project

March 2018:   Background paper

This ADRI working paper proposes an analytical framework to compare migration across Asia and provides a broad overview of internal migration levels and patterns in the countries of Asia. It offers a useful context to situate migration dynamics in an individual country within its regional context.

July 2018:        International two-day workshop at ADRI

The workshop brought together 20 collaborators for 17 Asian countries, two IPUMS researchers (Sula Sarkar and Matt Sobek) and the QCPR and ADRI teams. Participants shared preliminary results from each case study country and identified a number of themes that characterise migration dynamics in Asia.

July 2018:     Presentation, Asian Population Association Conference, Shanghai

                       Presentation, Australia Population Association Conference,  Darwin

October 2019:       Completion of chapters for each country

2020:            Publication of book